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The Tigard Basketball Association recreational program is a league for boys and girls in grades 3 through 12 where we pride ourselves on teaching the game, having fun, and focusing on the kids. Our goal is to develop fundamental basketball skills, sportsmanship, and self esteem through our efforts.

It is our hope that each player becomes progressively more competitive building their skill and confidence in a fun environment as they advance through each of the Tigard Recreation Basketball grade levels.

TBA programs are open to all youth located within the City of Tigard and/or the Tigard-Tualatin School District boundary.

TBA Recreational Question/Answers…

How/when to register? Register online. See registration section or flyers for information. Print out online confirmation page and bring to tryouts. TBA must have player's registration by tryout date in order to participate in grade level tryouts.

What is TBA's philosophy about playing time for the recreational program? Coaches are encouraged to follow the rule of equal play for all recreational players. Players are encouraged to participate in practices and games with positive sportsmanship and attitudes. Parents and coaches are encouraged to communicate with each other if questions or concerns arise.

What does TBA registration provide? Registration cost provides volunteer coach(s), 1-2 practices per week, weekly games during the season, rented gym availability from TTSD, paid referees, and TBA jersey (top).

Why does TBA purchase new uniforms each season instead of reusing last year's jersey? Basketball is a fast paced sport that requires quick communication by referees. Specific player numbers are needed to facilitate referees being able to officiate the game and to teach new referees the skills of their trade.

Can the jersey top be exchanged after the season begins? No, please review the sizing chart and select your jersey size carefully. TBA usually has a "few" extra jerseys but we are unable to guarantee exchanges. Our uniform jersey supplier asks that individual families not contact them to exchange jerseys as they deal in bulk orders only.

What do I need to know about basketball to coach? While we appreciate coaches that have played basketball sometime in their past, TBA is willing to help support/train interested parents in volunteering to coach their child's team. TBA will provide a coaching manual that will supply information on basic drills, practice ideas, and game preparation. TBA will help facilitate support from other more-experienced coaches that are able to provide guidance. TBA will also provide coaching clinic opportunities as needed.

What do parents need to provide? Parents need to have players bring a basketball, non-marking court shoes, appropriate shorts/attire, transportation to/from practices/games, good sportsmanship, and supportive attitude towards team, referees, and TTSD buildings.

What size of basketball will be used? See 3-8 or 9-12 TBA Rules section for specifics. Girls at all grades use 28.5" (size 6) basketballs. Boys 3rd-5th grade will use 28.5" (size 6) basketballs and boys 6th-12th grades will use 30" (size 7) basketballs (*if 6th grade is combined with 5th, then the 5/6 division will use a 28.5" ball).

Can players wear jewelry or earrings? No, please read the TBA 3-8th or 9-12th grade rules, which follow National Federation Rules and express TTSD's requirements. Please make sure to respect and follow stated rules in order for Tigard area youths to be able to access and participate in basketball activities on TTSD properties.

What does a typical week look like for recreational basketball? Recreational basketball usually has practices on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursdays at a specified local TTSD gym. Practice location & time slots are determined by a TBA volunteer scheduler with input/request from coaches (only). Practice times begin between 5-9pm and last for approximately one hour. Games are on Saturdays for 3-8th grade levels; Friday nights for 9-12th grade boys and girls recreational games.

What does recreational "no-cuts" tryouts look like? "No-cuts tryouts" means everyone who registers... plays (if physically and mentally able to participate safely). Recreational tryout's purpose is to help volunteer coaches observe and plan for team draft/selection night. Once registrants are gathered within the gym during their tryout session and coaches receive their final lists from registration volunteers… then players should be ready to join in various basketball drills. All players should bring a basketball for their tryout session. No team selection will occur on tryout nights. Only registrants who are registered prior to the registration cut-off date will participate during tryout night. Late or same-day registrants will be placed on a "hat pick" list for placement on a team on draft night.

Can a parent request particular practice nights/team? No, TBA cannot consider or honor specific team or practice night/time requests. Only the volunteer coach and (one) assistant coach of the respective team can guarantee their son/daughter to be on a specific team and/or request practice nights/locations.

What is draft night? No players or coach's kids should attend draft night. Draft night is meant for team selection by coaches (only). Coaches randomly draw their selection order. Only coach's and assistant coach's child may be assured to play on a specific team. TBA desires to facilitate fair and equitable team selection as much as possible.

What is a "hat pick"? Any registrant that does not participate in their tryout night due to absence or late registration is placed on a "hat pick" list for their grade level. At the end of the team selection time, any "hat pick" players will be sequentially selected by coaches and placed on a team.

Can parents request that twins/siblings be placed on same team? Yes, parents may request for twins/siblings of same gender and grade level team to be drafted onto same recreational team. Parents may also request that twins/siblings not receive special attention for draft night, and therefore allow them to be drafted randomly.

When should parents and player know what team they are on? Coaches are encouraged to call families immediately after draft night (unless too late). Families should make sure they have provided accurate/updated contact information to TBA to facilitate this prompt contact. Families/players should hear from a coach within 3-5 days from draft night. Coaches will be able to provide team information, practice time/location, and other details to families during this phone call. Make sure to write down coach's name and phone contact for future use.

What is TBA's refund policy? Any player who withdraws from the program must submit a request for a refund in writing (which may include an email request). Full refunds are allowed until the end of the first week of practice. Any player who withdraws after the first week of practice will only receive a $15 refund. No refunds are allowed after games begin.

How do families/players find out about gym closures/cancellations? Coaches are notified as soon as possible about gym closures via emails and/or phone calls. TTSD may need to cancel TBA activities at any time. Please review the gym closure/gym status sections within the TBA website and keep in communication with your coaches (frequently).

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